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When we were kids we all had dreams. There were no boundaries to our imagination and everything seemed possible. But as we grew up, most got stuck in the rat race doing the routine, living a mundane stressful life without any passion and full of fears.

Everyone always says, “Follow your dreams!”, but how many actually do that? Life interjects, unexpected problems barge in, bills pile up, misunderstandings creeps in, we don’t find the right direction, get stuck in the constant complexities and feel helpless. We feel abandoned, stranded and vulnerable, insecurities, stress and fear takes over our dreams and many a times we end up doing work we don’t like just to make it through the day. We give up on our dreams and accept whatever life throws at us as our destiny. Sounds familiar?

The only way to live the life of your dreams is when you can combine your imagination with reality by transcending yourself to total Self-Transformation. When you EVOLVE yourself and take complete charge of your life.


Shabnam is an ambitious, driven and self-made individual. She always dreamt and toiled for living an extraordinary and a successful life. Coming from a middle class but a liberal thinking family she worked hard through different professions and vocations to fulfil her dreams and desires. She has succeeded and failed, achieved accolades and received criticism, seen both accomplishments & disappointments, got frustrated and tired, faced rejection, felt fear and let down but she never gave up. Despite innumerable ups and downs she kept going and didn’t quit, as deep down inside her she had a boiling desire to make a mark in the world, to be different, to stand out and to prove herself.

Through her journey she found courage to chase her wildest dreams and chose to follow her own unique path. Rather than shrinking to what the society wants her to be or do, she took a less chosen pathto discover who she was, her purpose in life, her mission and her fulfilment. She continues to follow her Ultimate dream of becoming a World Famous International Life Coach & a Best Selling Author, with the same vigour and enthusiasm.

Even as a student she worked rigorously with an aspiration to stand out from the rest. Whether it was achieving ‘The Best Student of the Year’ award, ‘ The Best NCC Cadet award’, representing her State and Country on several academic platforms, participating in numerous competitions and winning awards and appreciation.

Shabnam did her MBA Marketing from Symbiosis, Pune.Being extremely ambitious, she worked for top Telecom Companies and simultaneously did other line of work such as Business Outsourcing, Multi-Level Marketing, Life Insurance and even Share Market. She chose to leave a rewarding corporate career to pursue her dream of venturing on her own. With a strong belief in herself she got into the challenging field of Real Estate with her personal savings, being the first female in her family to get into business. After the 2009 recession she diverted to Exports, again a very challenging field in addition to Real Estate.

With an indomitable passion & hunger to achieve her dreams she took up this gratifying profession as a Life Coach in 2014 of evolving people to bring out the best in them. She found her life’s true calling and purpose in training the youth. Her Company EVOLVE stands for Explore, Visualise, Organise, Learn, Venture and Excel. She believes that each of us is capable of achieving extraordinary success in our lifetime. We only need to chase our dreams and fulfil our potential so that we can lead a radiant life with purpose.

It’s been an adrenaline charged roller coaster ride and the journey is definitely enlightening & enriching. She believes that we all are continuous work in progress. We all haveour share of triumphs & failures but what really matters is the lesson we take away from each experience& how we conduct ourselves from there towards our goals.

Shabnam Pathan is an inspiring motivational speaker. Through Evolve, She is conducting training programs for audience of all ages focusing mostly on the Youth. She believes that the Youth is the future and needs to be trained on life skills topics so that they can take up any challenge in life head on. Her seminars and workshops are well known for their high quality content backed by her unique and entertaining style of delivery. Shabnam professes through her seminars and workshops called ‘LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS’ that each one has the power to achieve the dream they have. Maybe they just need a little nudge in the right direction and a little more courage. She believes that instead of idly dreaming or wishing about your desires, we must EVOLVE ourselves to create a life that expresses and achieves the deep drive that we all have rumbling inside us – a life of extraordinary success.


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