• Journey from Campus to Corporate

    Journey from Campus to Corporate is a training seminar designed specially for College students to help them develope qualities to face the Competitive World. To not just survive but succeed. 

    Our Educational System has been doing a good job of installing knowledge in its students, but graduates are often lacking in practical skills and appropriate attitude. Many times, it is the hiring company that must invest in training a graduate to make him or her a skilled resource. There has been much debate about who should be responsible for bridging these gaps — Educational System or the corporate world. Students are often unaware of the skills that will enhance their employability, from practical skills like problem-solving to “soft” skills like communication and customer orientation. Today's competitive World requires the youth looking for jobs to have three key levels of competency: knowledge, skills, and attitude. Our training 'Journey from Campus to Corporate takes the initiative to collaborate this gap between Educational System and the corporate world to make graduates more employable.


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