• Youth Empowerment

    The Youth is always looked upon as the future of our Country and are bestowed with pivotal responsibilities of Nation Building & National Integration. They are the powerhouse of energy that requires to be directed through constructive channels. They need to be strengthened & empowered through practical non formal education which makes them independent individuals with progressive, rational, creative, scientific, honest, open-minded, and tolerant thinking. We realised that the youth requires non-formal Life Skills mentoring the most as they are just beginning their actual life’s journey in the competitive world and need to be guided towards the right direction.

    Our current educational system gives a lot of theoretical knowledge but does not prepare the Youth with Practical Knowledge which is most critical. It creates more of followers but lesser Leaders. They youth unable to materialise their dreams often feels insecure, misguided, confused & finally depressed and follow the wrong route of making quick money. Hence, other than formal education the youth also requires a lot of non-formal education which teaches subject on Life Skills. Life Skill trainings is a golden combination of Body, Mind & Soul. These are enriching & enlightening trainings which enable individuals to transforms their knowledge into positive behaviour thereby leading to constructive actions. It empowers them physically, mentally & spiritually to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life and embrace change without fear. Life skills are usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life. They help us to accomplish our ambitions and live to our full potential. These holistic trainings cover a whole range of topics on all aspects of human development such as Self Awareness, Self-Image, Decision Making, Dealing with Emotions & Stress, Empathy, Effective Communication, problem solving through creative thinking, Interpersonal Relationship, personal development, anger management, health awareness etc. Our trainings aim at mentoring the youth to become self-sufficient, responsible and to make positive life choices. These seminars puts them from a reactive to a proactive mode of dealing with situations. Moving them from the usual rat race survival mode to a happier & success achievement mode.


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