'SPEEDY AND STEADY WINS THE RACE' is an amusing and enlightening extension of simple yet well- known story revealing life transforming lessons which were never visible before. You will realise how the morals of a tale told centuries ago, in fact form an ageless success recipe!
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    JINKANYA SATHI JANM APULA - our Marathi motivational book

    This book emphasizes the fact that - “MAN IS BORN TO WIN. Everybody is gifted with the ability & opportunity to realize their dreams & fulfil their desires. All that is required is that one must realize, recognize & utilize the unlimited potential lying within. If one believes and acts accordingly one can get whatever they want with whatever they have.”
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  • SARVOTTAM YASHACHI DAHA SUTRE - our Marathi motivational book

    This is a revolutionary, life transforming MARATHI book. It is a practical guide with mind blowing & action oriented strategies & Universal laws to help you become Self-made Successful Personalities.
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    JEETO JEEYO JEE BHARKE - Our Hindi Motivational book

    Our Hindi Motivational book "JeetoJeeyoJeeBharke" is a master piece about Self Fulfilling Prophecy, Self-Empowerment& a guiding path to a winning life.
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  • HASAT MUKHI SADAA SUKHI - our Marathi book on Humour

    This is a unique and one of the best Marathi book written on Humour. This contains everything about laughter and happiness. It has all types of jokes in Marathi Literature and the theories & benefit of laughter. It not only makes you laugh but also teaches you how to make other's laugh.
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